Wednesday, March 1, 2023

‘Symposium: Masonry and magic’


It’s a little early to look to June, but the California brethren are planning something I bet everyone will enjoy. The twenty-eighth of that month will be the hundredth anniversary of the raising to the Sublime Degree of Bro. Harry Houdini in St. Cecile Lodge 568 here in the city. The Grand Lodge of California will commemorate the occasion with its symposium “Bro. Harry Houdini: The Master Mystic and the Masonic Ties to Our Craft.”

This will be online only at ten o’clock (our time) on that Wednesday night.

The presenters on the bill are four Masons who are magicians too: MW Randall Brill, Grand Master; Maynard Edwards, of Invisible Lodge; S. Brent Morris (you know him); and Ralph C. Shelton, of Ye Olde Cup & Ball Lodge 880.

Click here to register. Read all about it here.

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