Friday, March 17, 2023

‘Coming up at The ALR this month’


The American Lodge of Research will meet again on Tuesday the 28th in the Colonial Room of Masonic Hall. (71 W. 23rd St., Manhattan, 10th floor.) The lodge tiles at seven. Photo ID is required to enter the building.

We’ll have two papers for the evening: Bro. Daniel will give us “Superstructure: A Philological and Historical Reimagination of the Middle Chamber and Winding Staircase.” Bro. Ziad will present “The Masonic Journey of Princess Lamballe.” (That’s her in the image above.)

We also have important business on the agenda. Two bylaws amendments are in the offing; they were introduced at the previous meeting, and we’ll vote this time. We will ballot on potential Corresponding and Active Members too. We tackle the business pretty quickly.

Come out and hear those two enlightening papers! Bring a lodge brother with you.

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