Monday, March 20, 2023

‘A whole new Masonic ring’

I can’t guess who the hand model is, but I think he’s a Grand Lodge of New York officer.

No one in the Masonic world is driving technology faster than the brethren of Amity, and their latest endeavor is something I doubt any of us expected. The Signet is a ring that, partnered with a smartphone, is able to vouch for you in any lodge you’re likely to visit. From the publicity:

Form meets function with this discreet and stylish NFC-enabled ring. Never carry a dues card again; just tap your ring to your brother’s phone and show your membership status in real time. Let the Signet aid your travels. Simple and timeless, it has as much discretion as the Freemason who wears it.

It’s waterproof, has no battery, and needs no charge. Just tap it to a modern smartphone to load your profile in Amity.

Your Signet will arrive in a ritual book-style box, with a black metal passport card that can be scanned by brothers who may not understand your ring. Both will load your profile, and can be turned off in the Amity app, if you’d like the ultimate in security and privacy.

Anyone can carry a dues card, but not everyone wears a Signet.

The Signet works in more than 100 grand lodges around the world. The price is $175, which includes taxes and shipping in or from the United States.

I’ll guess this will be very popular among Masons under age forty, if I may stereotype younger men who seem to adapt to evolving technologies effortlessly. I had to google NFC, but even I can appreciate what this represents. Don’t ask me what the next gizmo will be, but that’s all the more reason Amity impresses me.

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