Saturday, March 25, 2023

‘New York City Grotto Day’

Some Grottoes exhibit wisdom. Some possess strength.
Azim emphasizes beauty! ‘The Handsomest Grotto in the Realm.’
Today was the big day for the Mystic Prophets in New York City. The Grotto has gone international, and what used to be National Grotto Day has been promoted to International Grotto Month!

But Azim’s ceremonial at Masonic Hall happened earlier today. Big, big class of candidates. I didn’t catch the number, but it started with 3. Thirty? Three hundred? Who can say? The important thing is Sympathy and Good Fellowship abounded.

Home of the Mokanna.
And, frankly, it was more enjoyable than the previous four or five ceremonials I’ve attended. For example, during the drama, no music was played so it actually was possible to hear what was being said. And Frank, our District Deputy, absolutely killed it in his role. If there were acting awards for Grotto ritual work, Frank would clean up.

Victor’s stylish fez case.
And it was great to see Isaac again. Victor, the Deputy Grand Monarch of Supreme Council, of course was there, and he presented the new Prophets their fezzes. He will be installed Grand Monarch in April of next year in New Orleans, which just has to be the best city for Grotto mayhem. (I think I’m going! I’ve always wanted to visit the birthplace of jazz.)

The altar.
In personal news, I think I might have become the official spiritual leader of Azim. I’ve been the chaplain in the past, I think, four ceremonials. Today, for the first time, I served as chaplain for the meeting itself. Very simple, as rituals go.

We were told to expect an Azim event in May. Details to come, and I’ll share them here when I hear.

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