Wednesday, June 9, 2010

‘A command performance?’


Masonic Templars who happen to be in or near Jenkintown, Pennsylvania next Monday may want to waste the evening listening to the Magpie Mason as he delivers his lecture titled “What Masons Can Learn from the Rule of St. Benedict.”

Kensington-Kadosh Commandery 54 meets in the Masonic Temple at 443 Old York Road in Jenkintown. This commandery marked its 134th anniversary on May 30.

This lecture was inspired by SK Chuck Blatchley of Montjoie Commandery 29 in Pittsburg, Kansas. Chuck is one of the brilliant lights at Masonic Light, and years ago he explained this classic text’s significance to the medieval Knights Templar, and pointed out how portions of it speak quite clearly to Freemasonry as well. It’s fascinating material, even in my hands, and I hope to see you at Kensington-Kadosh.

Billy Koon
But then, the following Monday–June 21: the Summer Solstice–the fratres are encouraged to get to Trinity Commandery 17 in Westfield, New Jersey for the Personal Visit of M.E. William H. Koon, II, Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America. (Or, as we know him, Billy.)

The education for this evening will be provided by X, who will present his lecture on the many variations of crosses, and what they symbolize. This is the same lecture he gave during the salon at the very first Rose Circle conference in 2006 (although it feels like ten years ago).