Wednesday, March 8, 2023

‘An extra special MM Degree’

Publicity Lodge and guests Monday night.

We enjoyed a really big night Monday at Publicity Lodge. Conferring the Third Degree on a FC Mason is sufficient reason for meticulous planning and deliberate execution, but we received word a few days earlier that our Grand Master, with other Grand Lodge officers, would attend, which, naturally, adds great prestige to the auspiciousness.

Plus, we were honored with the support of sister lodges in the Fourth Manhattan District. And we were charmed with the visit of more than a dozen Prince Hall Masons. We haven’t seen a turn-out like this since before the pandemic.

Grand Master Richard Kessler said he doesn’t get to witness much degree work in his current capacity, so he decided to come see this Sublime Degree. Accompanying him were Junior Grand Warden Peter Stein, DDGM Philippe Hiolle, Senior Grand Deacon Larry Kania, Grand Director of Ceremonies Tomas Hull, and Trustee George Filippidis.

From elsewhere in the Fourth Manhattan were brethren from Manahatta Lodge 449, Columbian 484, Gramercy 537, and St. Cecile 568.

PHA lodges represented were Prince Hall 38, Beacon Light 76, Master 99, and Sons of Kings 123.

(If I missed anyone, I’m sorry, but you didn’t sign the visitors book.)

An unforgettable night! Our new MM felt the impact of seeing so many forming the lodge when the hw came off. Let’s do it again next month!

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