Saturday, November 6, 2021

‘New Manly Hall book’


The Philosophical Research Society released a new book today featuring previously unpublished writings of Manly Palmer Hall.

The Meanings of Christmas: Reflections on the Advent of Light combines updated Hall works, plus the hitherto unknown material. It is available now here.

From the publicity:

Manly Hall was at his best when he was bringing the esoteric to light, from ancient mythologies and rituals to contemporary expressions of them that are “hidden” or unknown to most. For the first time in print, here is the full spectrum of Mr. Hall’s reflections on the advent of the light commonly referred to as Christmas. This anthology contains material from throughout Mr. Hall’s productive life and reveals a remarkable consistency in his profound insights on the history, context, and meanings of Christmas. Readers will be surprised by joy at the many meanings of Christmas and how the ancient holiday reveals our deepest longings for enlightenment.

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