Saturday, November 20, 2021

‘Candidates in waiting’

Gothic Room in Masonic Hall. (GLNY photo)

Before the pandemic screwed up everything, my lodge had a dozen petitioners in waiting for the mysteries of Freemasonry. On Monday, at last, Publicity 1000 will bring eight of these gentlemen to see the Light by which Masons work.

Not gonna finesse the truth here; this is going to be logistically tricky. We’ll be at labor in the Gothic Room on 12.

At the dinner hour, we will retire to the second floor, to 2 East, to enjoy the Time of Refreshment together. The dining fee costs just $20 this time, which we collect only in advance. Click here to book your seat.

Magpie file photo

In other Publicity Lodge “news,” I shot this photo at Masonic Week 2010 at a time when Toye, Kenning, and Spencer endeavored to launch a Toye USA division to compete in America. This was five years before I became a member of the lodge, but I was interested in pursuing affiliation, and in fact was kicking myself long ago for failing to act then. Long story. Anyway, I wonder about the availability of these items, but recent attempts to learn from TKS are futile. You just cannot get a reply from this company.

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