Friday, November 26, 2021

‘2022 Masonic Con plans’


Masonic Con 2022 in New Hampshire is coming together.

The roster of speakers is final. Tickets are on sale now. (Hotel accommodations will be sorted out next week.) Vendors still have time to arrange for tables.

I’m goin’. You should too.

The dozen speakers lined up include some of the most dynamic and thought provoking voices on the Masonic scene in the United States today. I won’t gush, but if you are familiar with these brethren and their books, educational projects, and lectures, then you recognize a palmary achievement awaits us next June.

And I cannot resist pointing out how three of the twelve speakers are New Yorkers, Active Members of The ALR, &c., &c.

Twenty-five bucks to attend the symposium part of the weekend, and another $65 for the festive board. (I mean, come on, you’ll pay more than that on a cigar night, and not even get a Havana out of the deal!)

See you there.

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