Friday, November 12, 2021

‘Chapter of Research speakers’


Even more obscure than Masonic lodges of research are the very rare Royal Arch chapters of research. In New York, we either have or had (I honestly don’t know which) Thomas Smith Webb Chapter of Research. It’s supposed to meet during the Grand Chapter Annual Convocation at Albany. (I’ll check it out next March, when Jason will be installed MEGHP.) And California has (or had, etc.) The Golden State Chapter of Research of the Holy Royal Arch, which would meet while its Grand Chapter is in session in May. And, for forty-eight years of similarly flickering light, there has been The Massachusetts Chapter of Research which meets in autumn when that Grand Chapter holds its Annual Convocation.

But it will meet virtually to host two speakers on Saturday, January 29, from 10 a.m. to noon.

M.E. Piers Vaughan, Past GHP of the Grand Chapter of New York, will present “Advancing Capitular Development.” Piers wrote the book, literally, on contemporary Royal Arch education. And R.E. Michael Bickford of Massachusetts will discuss “Biblical Imagery Throughout the York Rite Degrees.”

I don’t know if this is intended for Zoom or another service, but keep current with the chapter here or on Facebook.

Hey, Illinois has a research chapter too.

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S. Brent Morris said...

Ohio once had a chapter of research with transactions and everything.