Monday, November 15, 2021

‘Masonic Week registration is open’


Moises announced this morning that both the hotel and events registration for Masonic Week 2022 are open!

We’re still at the Hyatt Regency at Crystal City in Virginia, this time from February 9 through 13.

The highlight of the whole affair is the Masonic Society’s annual dinner-meeting. We’ll get together Friday the 11th at seven o’clock. I will exit the office of the presidency, and Oscar Alleyne will take over, becoming the most powerful man in the Masonic free world. We also have a wonderful after-dinner speaker for you, which I’ll tell you about soon.

Click here to get started.

This will be my last Masonic Week, so I’m looking forward to seeing you because, unless you visit New York City, I might not see you again.

For many years, Masonic Week was my favorite event on my Masonic calendar. (It was AMD Weekend then.) After twenty years, the routine of watching ten guys appoint each other to the officer lines somehow lost its allure. In recent years, I’ve been attending only the Masonic Society’s board meeting and dinner on the Friday. It’s one of only a few meritocracies that meet there. And so it goes.

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