Friday, October 15, 2021

‘Viddy well, brothers, viddy well’


The Magpie Mason has alluded to A Clockwork Orange, both the novel and the film, several times over the years, so it gives me more than the usual pleasure to show you this.

Cameo is a video-sharing service that connects paying customers to a diverse pool of celebrities—and “celebrity” is very broadly understood here—who record custom messages for their fans.

At last, we have a Clockwork-Craft connection courtesy of Cameo. On behalf of the Grotto and its dentistry for the developmentally disabled philanthropy, Mr. Malcolm McDowell, who starred fifty years ago in the motion picture, appears on video in tribute to the Prophets of Samoor Grotto in Florida.

Click here. It runs less than a minute.

It’s an odd choice. McDowell has excelled in roles that are unsympathetic in the eyes of most viewers. I’m not complaining. Just an observation. I hope there’s a colorful story behind it.

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