Saturday, October 23, 2021

‘New New York leadership’

The 239th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of New York will conclude in minutes, with new elected leaders to install later today.

Richard Kessler
MW Bro. Richard Kessler is our new Grand Master. RW Bro. Steven A. Rubin is our Deputy Grand Master.

Kessler has been a member of the Masonic Society since 2016.

Grand Lodge has open and competitive elections, meaning an incumbent is not necessarily elevated to the East unchallenged. The new Grand Master had served as Deputy Grand Master since May 2018, and Rubin had been Grand Treasurer. The normally two-year terms of office were prolonged by a year and a half due to the COVID pandemic and resulting logistical problems in hosting an immense gathering like this.

In the Grand West will be RW Robert Hogan. In the Grand South will be RW Peter Stein. At the Grand Treasurer’s office now is RW Bro. Joseph Saglimbene. Joe was nominated and elected from the floor, surprising both declared candidates, lest anyone scoff at the reality of open, honest elections here.

Among the proposed legislation was one item that I’ll report when I hear the results. Other legislation concerned amendments to make Grand Lodge more adaptable to emergencies, such as the recent pandemic that disrupted the usual time, place, and manner of the Annual Communication. Today’s session in Utica actually was a conclusion of a meeting opened months ago at Masonic Hall in Manhattan. But more on that later.

Congratulations to all! 

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