Saturday, October 23, 2021

‘Sunday will never be the same’


(With apologies to Spanky and Our Gang.)

One item among all the proposed legislation today at Grand Lodge’s Annual Communication had the big idea to permit Masonic labors on Sundays.

It passed. Overwhelmingly, I’m told.

The previous Masonic law stated, as found in two sections, that (I paraphrase) no lodge shall meet on Sundays except to perform Masonic funeral rites. The new law deletes that language, so there now is the potential for lodges to meet on that first day of the week.

The amendment was submitted for consideration by the now new Senior Grand Warden, RW Robert Hogan. He explains there is a common sense purpose for this change because the religious diversity so obvious in today’s membership makes it necessary for lodges to decide for themselves what day of rest, if any, they require. The Grand Lodge mustn’t be the arbiter on that question.

I support it completely. Muslims observe on Fridays; Jews observe on Saturdays; and Christians observe on Sundays. There can be no one-size-fits-all, top-down thinking here. SMIB.

Congrats to all who voted in favor.

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Unknown said...

I saw that on the list, and I knew the law because I had suggested years ago that “open installations “ be allowed on Sunday also. The response after much research was that untitled meetings are not considered labor, and should be allowed on Sunday. Thinking about it, and knowing Bob, I suspected his reasoning, and though I had no vote, I agree whole heartedly with him.