Saturday, October 16, 2021

‘Upcoming at The ALR’


It really isn’t enough to say The American Lodge of Research is back. We are—we’ll meet again on Thursday the 28th—but with a determined leadership team in place now, the city’s Masonic research lodge is “full service” again.

First, the meeting: The logistics you see in the graphic above. RSVP here. The agenda:

W. Bro. Michael, a Past Master of Hellenic Plato Lodge 1129, will present “Filiki Etaireia: A Secret Society Among Secret Societies.”
RW Bro. Piers Vaughan, a Past Master of St. John’s Lodge 1, will tell “The Story Behind the Most Famous Image of King Solomon’s Temple.”
Third, the Magpie Mason himself will explain “How to Research a Masonic Subject” and will distribute a list of places, both in person and online, to look for information needed in your research.

At the Secretary’s desk, there are three ballots for Active Membership, and there are sixteen for Corresponding Membership (including two from abroad).

There will be a lot more, to be announced by Worshipful Master Conor. Come see our new and unique altar Bible. Hear about various membership benefits and additional news about how we’re moving forward.

No collation, unfortunately, due to COVID concerns. All Master Masons are welcome to the meeting. (If you’re not a member of The ALR, it’ll be better to arrive at 7:30 because we’ll tackle our business at seven.) Bring your apron and be attired for a lodge meeting.

We look forward to greeting you then.

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