Sunday, June 9, 2024

‘Bill Hosler, R.I.P.’

Bro. Bill Hosler circa 2018.

I just got home from what was the greatest leisurely week of the last thirty years of my life to learn of the death last Thursday of Bro. Bill Hosler.

I “met” Bill in the Masonic Light group, and he was one of the Knights of the North, and was on the ground floor at the launch of the Masonic Society, but you likely know him from the Midnight Freemasons and the Meet, Act and Part podcast. But he was irrepressible, so maybe you just know him via the electrical waves in the air.

Lady Tammi announced earlier:

The love of my life, Bill Hosler, passed away this past Thursday, unexpectedly. I am devastated and very overwhelmed, which has made it harder to make sure all who loved him is aware.

I do appreciate all who have reached out that loved him so much, as it has been helpful to me even if I can’t respond. I know he has been rejoined with so many that went before him who loved him, and I know our girl, Happy, greeted him at Heaven’s gate.

We will be sharing detailed service arrangements soon, but I did want those who loved him to know a service will be in Bentonville, Arkansas this Thursday and then a Masonic funeral service will be in Ft. Wayne, Indiana likely Saturday. Epting Funeral Home in Bentonville Arkansas is arranging all services.

Frankly, Bill wasn’t exactly the picture of health, and he and I would chat occasionally about how to manage various problems. He spoke from hard earned experience when cautioning me about these things. He always maintained his sense of humor—typically on the bawdy side—and that is the absence I’ll feel first, but he was a joy in discussion of Freemasonry. He had a lot of experience, having traveled around the middle of the country a lot in recent years. He possessed a wisdom about it all that will be missed especially.

Alas, my brother.

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