Tuesday, February 27, 2024

‘Lawyer advocates for Masonic remedy for loneliness’


Last August, columnist Bull Garlington wrote a piece for Medium that expresses his alarm at the isolation and loneliness confronting the young people of Generation Z—and that prescribes membership in Freemasonry as a fix. He published a modified version of this essay yesterday in Attorney at Work, where he also is on the masthead, and this version has been circulating on social media, which is how I found it.

Bro. Bull Garlington
“I was talking to my therapist about how I worry that my adult kids are so isolated,” he begins yesterday’s column. “I told him that all of them—my nieces and nephews too, that whole generation—are the loneliest people I’ve ever seen. Turns out I’m late to the party. Or total lack of a party.”

He links to a few studies that illustrate his point before revealing how joining an unidentified Masonic lodge “saved my lonely ass.” In brief, there came a point in life when he left the workforce to raise the children while Mrs. Garlington became a lawyer and the family’s provider, and they relocated to a different part of the country. Losing his social circle, Bull was at risk of going “completely bonkers.”

He phoned an uncle to talk about the crisis of having no friends or family nearby; Uncle said “You need to get the hell out of the house. Find a lodge.”

I’ll stop here and leave it to you to read the familiar description that you probably could write yourselves. Click here for yesterday’s column. Click here for the August 2023 original.

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