Saturday, January 14, 2023

‘Psycho-libel to be topic at library discussion’


Speaking of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania (see post below), the Masonic Library and Museum in Philadelphia will host a speaker next Saturday to discuss what may be the granddaddy of conspiracy theories.

Bro. John Minott, of Lodge No. 2, will present “Freemasons and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” This lecture, beginning at 3:30, may be attended both in person and via Zoom. Click here to make arrangements. From the publicity:

The Protocols, first published in 1905* and still going strong today, purport to describe a fraudulent Jewish plot for world domination, with the Freemasons as their unwitting stooges. This talk will delve into the history of this anti-Semitic publication, and how Freemasons came to be featured in it.

John Minott
A graduate of Stanford University, John Minott, a member of Lodge No. 2 in Philadelphia, has been a tour guide of the Masonic Temple for twenty-seven years.

Minott’s name may be familiar to you, as he is a frequent speaker on subjects concerning Masonic history and various bizarre fears of Freemasonry.

* Paul Calderwood’s paper, “As We Were: Freemasonry and the Press,” in the new AQC (135), puts the date at 1903.

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