Sunday, January 29, 2023

‘Art exhibit highlights PHA Masons’

MMCA photo

An art exhibition in Wisconsin highlights the presence of Prince Hall Freemasons there.

“Dark Matter” by Faisal Abdu’Allah, features larger than life-size portraits, on tapestries, of local Masons in a collection named “Prince Hall” that is on display at Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.

“I began to understand and see the presence of Prince Hall in just Madison alone, and the level of purpose and how they are changing the community through various acts of generosity,” Abdu’Allah told Wisconsin State Journal for a story published last Monday. “I would hope people see past the form of representations of what we see—these men with aprons and gloves and hats, and what we assume the Masons to be—and see it more as a chapter in excellence and generosity.”

The portraits show six brethren of Capitol City Lodge 2 attired in their Craft Masonry regalia in images that began as photographs which then were printed on the fabric.

A lecture on the history of PHA Freemasonry in Wisconsin was presented by W. Bro. Alan Chancellor at the museum on January 19.

“Dark Matter” is scheduled to close on April 2.

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