Monday, January 2, 2023

‘Chris Murphy coming to Mariners’

Mariners Lodge 67 will host Chris Murphy at its meeting next Wednesday.

Chris is Worshipful Master of Adoniram Lodge 42 in Vermont and is Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge. You may know him from previous speaking engagements (I was fortunate to hear him at Masonic Con six months ago) or from his published work.

Next Wednesday, the 11th, he will present “Enrich Our Hearts: The Esoterica of the Prayer at Opening.”

Mariners tiles at seven o’clock in the Doric Room of Masonic Hall in Manhattan. Apprentices and Fellows are welcome. Lodge attire is black tie or dark suit. Book your seats for the meeting here.

Surely you are aware of the legendary meals Mariners hosts after its meetings, so don’t miss out. Make your reservations here.

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