Sunday, May 1, 2022

‘Omar for President!’

George Filippidis photo
RW Omar Morris, as George Washington, with MW Richard J. Kessler, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New York, at yesterday’s re-enactment ceremony.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the first presidential inauguration of George Washington here in New York City in 1789, and the brethren commemorate the world-changing event with a re-enactment. You might not know this, but Washington was a Freemason (new book here), and the fraternity possesses the very KJV Bible on which he placed his hands while taking the oath of office.

Both were present yesterday inside Masonic Hall for the annual ceremony, with Bro. Omar Morris in place channeling the first president.

Omar was my lodge brother back when I was in New Jersey. He served as the Right Worshipful Grand Marshal during the previous administration there, and, if Providence is agreeable, he will be elected Junior Grand Warden in November—but first we’ll have to see how he does as president!

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