Wednesday, May 25, 2022

‘Bricks for Fredericksburg’


Speaking of brick (see post below), Fredericksburg Lodge 4 could use your help. The legendary lodge in Virginia that made Masons out of George Washington and other notables seeks to raise money for the maintenance of its building. It is 206 years old and has been in Masonic use the whole time.

I don’t know about you, but two centuries in Freemasonry would leave me the worse for wear.

So, the brethren are giving the ashlar-crafting metaphor a break in order to employ bricks as a means to preserve their landmark lodge building while extending to you the opportunity to attain philanthropic immortality in the form of bespoke tiles.

I’m sure you know how it works: Bricks of varying dimensions are for sale, with proceeds to benefit the lodge, that you may personalize with your name, symbol, or slogan engraved thereon—esoteric passwords excluded. The bricks are installed on site into the ground or in walls.

There are other options too, but you can read all about them here. If it’s unaffordable for you particularly, try to rally your lodge or other Masonic groups to assist what truly is one of the most historic Masonic lodges in the United States.

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