Saturday, July 6, 2024

‘Brother Lafayette is coming!’


Okay, it’s getting close, so now is the right time to order a copy of Chris Ruli’s new book Brother Lafayette.

Macoy Masonic Supply Co. is the publisher, so click here. Or click here to obtain a copy signed by the author. Inscribed even!

(Mine will read: To the Magpie Mason—America’s third best Masonic blogger!)

The bicentennial celebration of Bro. Lafayette’s farewell tour of the United States is near, so having a single compendium chronicling the legend’s travels, from his landing at New York and through his sojourns across the then twenty-four states, is vital to understanding this thankful nation’s and our panegyric fraternity’s heartfelt honors.

Disclosure: I have not read Brother Lafayette yet, but I will because I want to know the bases for this anniversary bash that is almost upon us.

Bro. Chris will be busy with speaking engagements this fall and into 2025. Be sure to catch him. He’ll be with us at The American Lodge of Research next March on Monday the 31st.

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