Thursday, December 1, 2022

‘Perfect Square to host Doneraile Court author’

Okay, I’m late with coverage of the Scottish Masonry conference in Virginia from early November, but it’s coming. In the meantime, let me promote this speaking event. Kathleen Aldworth Foster, author of the novel Doneraile Court (told you about it some time ago), is on the Masonic speaking circuit.

She’ll appear December 14 at Perfect Square Lodge 204 at Masonic Hall, after the lodge meeting. I think this has all the details:

Click to enlarge.

Photo ID is required to enter Masonic Hall. If you want to attend the lodge meeting, bring your Masonic ID, etc. and be in the Colonial Room at seven.

Also, she will appear at the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania’s Masonic Temple in Philly on Saturday, December 17 in the Masonic Library and Museum Speaker Series, which will be streamed also. (And we at New Jersey’s research lodge are hoping to book her for a date in 2023. Her talk concerns the process of researching and writing her novel, after all.)

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