Sunday, December 18, 2022

‘Azim elections and a month of Grotto goodness’


UPDATE: Azim will initiate new Prophets on Saturday, March 25 in the Jacobean Room. No hour announced yet, but last time we kind of got started at around noon.

With my schedule last weekend (see post below), I regretfully had to miss Azim’s elections and installation of officers, which the prophets held on City Island, which, I think, is upstate somewhere. Our leaders (Brethren, let us pray, etc.) as we enter our 130th year are:

Monarch Eric Z.
Chief Justice Brian D.
Venerable Prophet Joe M.
Treasurer Victor(!)
Secretary William N.

Congratulations, everybody! The photos are on the Faceypage.

In other news, National Grotto Day is no more. It’s now International Grotto Month! The graphic above explains it all. I’ll let you know when Azim sets a date.

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