Friday, August 13, 2021

‘Simon says: Show your papers’


Society’s exhausting game of Simon Says, stemming from China’s most profuse export, will not end until people in numbers decline to play any further. In the meantime, the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia announced it is following the latest edict from City Hall, and will restrict access to those who can show proof of vaccination.

Making the announcement on social media Thursday, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania said:

“Due to the new regulations from the City of Philadelphia, admittance to the Masonic Temple, Library and Museum of Pennsylvania will require a vaccination card, or a photo of the same, for access to the building. Masks are not required for vaccinated individuals, but may be worn if desired. Thank you for your compliance as we work to protect our tour and event guests, as well as our team members.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer quotes Cheryl Bettigole, the city’s acting health commissioner, saying “I think all or nothing is really what’s going to work for them at this point.” (The “them” are all indoor businesses.)

Philly is home to 1.6 million people, approximately 100 of whom, says the Inquirer, currently are hospitalized for COVID-19 treatment.

This was the city of Benjamin Franklin, by the way.

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