Tuesday, August 10, 2021

‘A feast day for the AMD’


The Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees in the United States launched an online newsletter for its brethren earlier this year, and its most recent issue contains a very short article that is worth repeating now.

Outside the United States, the Saint Lawrence the Martyr Degree is the AMD’s initiation ceremony, and it is the degree on which councils transact their business. It is an important and well known degree.

Anyway, that newsletter article says:

We could use a few more feast days for celebration in Freemasonry. Generally speaking, Freemasonry derived from England has both Saint John the Baptist Day (June 24) and Saint John the Evangelist Day (December 27). And Masonry of Scottish heritage has the Feast Day of Saint Andrew (November 30). I always wondered about the Irish, but that’s another story.

I propose we brethren of the Allied Masonic Degrees make August 10 a cause for festive commemoration. That midsummer day is the Feast Day of Saint Lawrence, who was martyred on that date in 258 at Rome. His death is just as it is described in our Saint Lawrence the Martyr Degree, so there’s no need to render the story here. Even the grim humor about turning over his half-cooked body is according to tradition. He is the patron saint of both poor people and of cooks, appropriately.

Brethren, call for informal gatherings of your councils the world over for Tuesday, August 10 to honor heroic Saint Lawrence, whose principled bravery, even unto death, is no less admirable than even that of our Operative Grand Master Hiram!

I suppose a menu of grilled meats would be most fitting.

With the big day upon us already, maybe it’s too late for this edition of The Magpie Mason to spur your council to action, but who knows? I believe in you.

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