Friday, May 7, 2021

‘Three held in thwarted lodge attack plot’

French authorities arrested six today, having prevented their alleged plot to attack a Masonic lodge in eastern Moselle, according to news reports and a statement from the Grand Lodge of France.

Three of the suspects were held and were referred to anti-terrorism prosecutors for possible indictments, said the Associated Press, which cited French media in labeling the suspects “neo-nazis.”

The trio, two men and a woman, already were being surveilled by police, said the AP, attributing the information to Le Monde.

Grand Master Pierre-Marie Adam released this statement via social media:

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Adam said he is amazed by the news of the alleged plot, and he praised law enforcement for their speed and efficiency.

The Grand Lodge of France is not the French jurisdiction that enjoys fraternal relations with grand lodges in the United States. (Instead it is the National Grand Lodge of France, established 1913, that has ties to the Anglo-American Masonic world.)


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