Tuesday, May 25, 2021

‘A St. John’s Lodge Bible’

So you know about the famous Bible owned by St. John’s Lodge 1 in Manhattan—that employed for George Washington’s first presidential inauguration in 1789–but does anyone know about the Bible associated with St. John’s Lodge 1 in New Jersey?

That’s an inquiry, not a rhetorical question, into the existence of a 500-year-old Matthew’s Bible.

What is a Matthew’s Bible? Click here.

In my reading about rare and historic Bibles owned by Masonic lodges, I came across this item in the book Masonic Bibles by Charles S. Plumb from 1936:

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I suspect that mention of 1519 is a typo that should read 1539.

This lodge is still at labor, although it moved to the suburbs long ago. I emailed the principal officers and others four weeks ago to ask if this unique VSL is in use today, but it doesn’t look like I’ll get the courtesy of a reply. It’s possible this is the first they’re hearing about it. If anyone knows anything, please leave word in the comments section. (Make mention if you don’t want me to publish the comment.)

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