Friday, September 13, 2019

‘Diluvian Origins of Craft Masonry’


Maryland Masonic Research Society will meet again next month and hear a presentation by Jason Richards of The Masonic Roundtable. From the publicity:

Saturday, October 12 at noon
10800 Edmonston Road
Beltsville, Maryland
$20 for lunch. RSVP here.

Diluvian Origins:
The Influence of the Noahide
Flood Myth of Craft Masonry

Presented by Jason Richards, Past Master of Acacia Lodge 16 in Clifton, Virginia; member of The Colonial Lodge 1821 in Washington, DC; and co-host of The Masonic Roundtable podcast. Richards also is a writer, editor, and speaker on Masonic topics, having written for The Midnight Freemasons and The Voice of Freemasonry in the District of Columbia.

“Diluvian Origins” is a comparative study of worldwide flood myths that explores the similarities of various oral traditions and cultural memories of catastrophic flood events, and demonstrates the links between the Noahide flood myth and the York Craft Guild system, and examines historical records that imply the story of Noah was at one time a central theme in early 18th century Masonic Third Degree rituals.

Lunch at noon. Presentation at 1 p.m. When booking your seat, please mention if you require a vegan meal, and reserve no later than October 8.

Just a few thoughts: It is true that what is religion to one man may be mythology to another, but in Freemasonry we do not look at the Book of Genesis as myth, as this first book of the VSL particularly informs Craft ritual and symbol. And, in Freemasonry, we spell it “Noachide.” Noah and his sons was one of the first topics I addressed many years ago as Master of New Jersey Lodge of Masonic Research and Education 1786, so I remember the Graham Manuscript of 1726, which places Noah in the raising position we today know is held by our GMHA. I regret not being able to attend this event because I am curious to learn of the additional rituals or documents that explain. Of course there is Royal Ark Mariner, but that tells a different story. Highly recommended if you are able to attend. Enjoy.

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