Thursday, December 7, 2023

‘A lovely evening with Jim Dillman’

Yes, they need to work on their logo.

While it’s hard to stay current with all the Masonic podcasts, I had to budget some time to listen to the November 26 episode of That Other Masonic Podcast for the simple reason that the guest is…Bro. Jim Dillman!

Jim is an old friend; I think we go back twenty or so years, starting with the Masonic Light group, then the Knights of the North, and on to the Masonic Society, where he served as president a decade ago. He was made a Mason in 2000 at Royal Center Lodge 585 in Indiana, but might be better known through Lodge Vitruvian 767, the European Concept lodge in Indianapolis founded by Jeff Naylor, with Roger VanGorden, Chris Hodapp, Jim, and other conspirators endeavoring to introduce a high style of lodge experience to the Masonic scene there. That’s how I found these gifted Masons. I had the idea of organizing a similar lodge in my area, and their know-how was invaluable (although I ultimately failed to get such a lodge launched).

All I can say about Jim is already said by the co-hosts of the show; quoting VanGorden, they describe him as “the definition of what a Mason should be.” (Not even an old man in dotage or a madman would say that about me, so it impresses.) Jim has a colorful Masonic past to share, although talking about himself does not come naturally. The co-hosts mention bringing Jim back another time, and with some show prep, they could pose the questions that would elicit his story better.

This podcast is carried on the usual platforms. The show runs almost ninety minutes, so choose a double corona from your humidor, keep the decanter and ice near, and enjoy a pleasant chat on the Level.

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