Saturday, September 30, 2023

‘Masonic researchers to unite’

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So I told you about The American Lodge of Research meeting jointly with Thomas Smith Webb Chapter of Research at the end of October, but before then, TSW will meet with Western New York Lodge of Research and Ohio Chapter of Research. From the publicity:

A joint meeting of Thomas Smith Webb Chapter of Research, Ohio Chapter of Research, and Western New York Lodge of Research will be convened on Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14 at Western Star Lodge (692 Ridge Road) in Lackawanna, New York.

Western Star Lodge 1185.

Friday evening, Holy Ark Chapter 304 will host dinner at 6:30. The supper will consist of baked Italian chicken with cold green bean salad, garlic salt potatoes, and “make-your-own sundaes.” Dining fee is $22 payable at the door, but reservations to Jeff Williamson here are necessary.

Following dinner, Thomas Smith Webb Chapter will open at 7:30 for the purpose of research and study. Several papers will be presented. Masons who are not Royal Arch Masons will be accommodated to listen and participate.

On Saturday morning, we will reconvene at nine o’clock and additional papers will be presented until noon, including RW Bruce Renner, who will discuss “A Lodge Walkabout for the Esoterically Inclined.”

Attire is sport coat & tie and Royal Arch regalia, if applicable. Brothers from WNY Lodge of Research, who are not Companions, will wear a white Masonic apron or symbolic lodge regalia.


S. Brent Morris said...

"Cold green bean salad?" Is that some sort of compromise between traditionalists and advocates of change?

Magpie Mason said...

I had to google it: