Thursday, November 17, 2022

‘The ALR’s new clothes’

Just another reminder that The American Lodge of Research will be on the road in two weeks, paying a visit to West Point Lodge 877 in the Hudson Valley. That’s Thursday, December 1 at seven o’clock. The lodge is right outside the Military Academy.

All Master Masons are welcome, so please let us know you’re coming by signing up here. Attire is suit and tie business casual with apron. Feel free to bring your own regalia, but I’m sure West Point Lodge will have aprons available for you.

Speaking of aprons, I am tasked with bringing our officers’ regalia to this meeting so, for now, I’ve got them inside an acid-free box in my subterranean climate controlled vault. The ALR recently purchased these aprons from Macoy. Great stuff. Expensive, but the quality definitely is there. Have a look:

This piece of embroidery is located on the apron flap.

Our new jewels did not come from Macoy, which is why they’re smallish and suspended from plain ropes. (We are a lodge of Masonic research and education, so there isn’t any pomp in our activities. Even our installation of officers leans toward the perfunctory.) The photo above shows superfluous pieces that came with the set. We don’t have Stewards, a Chaplain, a Marshal, or a Tiler.

Although sometimes a Chaplain wouldn’t be a bad idea.

See you December first!


Conor said...

Dress is business casual. :)

Magpie Mason said...

D’oh! I forgot.