Thursday, September 8, 2022

‘Help wanted: researching the researchers’


I never ask Magpie readers for anything—except to join the Masonic Society—but today I’m hoping some of you would complete a very brief questionnaire if you are authorized to speak for a research lodge, or some similar group, or a website, podcast, etc. in service to the Craft.

Bro. Ken Stuczynski, the Grand Lodge of New York’s webmaster, an author, and a brother in Western New York Lodge of Research, is undertaking research to write a book on research lodges. From the publicity:

Masonic author Ken JP Stuczynski is putting together a book on research lodges, societies, and other bodies. To include your organization, contact him here. For more information, visit here.

At the website—click here—we may answer his few questions about our avenues of Masonic learning. Takes one minute.

I’m sharing this link with all my friends who are active in lodges of research, chapters of research, research societies, publishers, magazines, and more. Please do the same (although Ken needs only one respondent per organization). Thanks!

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