Saturday, December 4, 2021

‘Invitation to interview’


The Magpie Mason hereby invites Bro. Gary Olsen, past senior grand warden of the grand lodge of New Jersey, to share his side of the story in an interview that would result in a news article for a future edition of The Magpie Mason. I can be contacted here. Contact has been made; powerful allegations have been leveled; I continue to seek an interview. Fuggedaboutit. I just (3/4/22) learned who some of Olsen’s intended grand staff appointees were. My offer is retracted. 

Olsen was removed from his station in the Grand West of that grand lodge earlier this week by its grand master who did so by edict.

I am promising an impartial hearing of the brother’s account of events, an article fairly balancing his views and other information I have researched, and a readership far larger than any other available to him in Masonic cyberspace. I guarantee everyone in New Jersey who might be interested in reading the story will read it (in addition to the usual multitudes across the country and beyond).

I know what happened and why, so I would ask tough questions, but I will be fair in presenting the facts.

Olsen and I do not know each other and never have met, so it’s understandable if he has no interest in this proposition. Do not think negatively of him if he declines or doesn’t reply, but don’t believe for a second that he won’t see this invite.

As for the grand lodge of New Jersey, I am not a member. And there’s a lot more I could say about it.

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