Tuesday, February 23, 2021

‘Lodge culture discussion’


I have been remiss in keeping pace with the Meet, Act and Part podcast, having missed the previous eight or so episodes (When did they get the English guy to voice the intro and outro?), but I couldn’t skip yesterday’s episode.

Titled “Lodge Culture,” Episode 30 brought to the microphone Bro. Michael Arce, a warden in Mount Vernon Lodge 3 in Albany. Okay, I admit that’s why I listened. I’m a bit of a chauvinist regarding New York Freemasonry, and am interested in hearing from the brethren here.

As an aside, Mount Vernon 3 dates to February 21, 1765, so happy anniversary, brethren! It is the eldest lodge outside New York City.

Anyway, co-hosts Bill Hosler, Greg Knott, and Darin Lahners welcomed Arce for the nearly hour-long chat on the numerous and varied dynamics that comprise lodge culture. Of course we’re all familiar with the common tales of faltering lodges, but there can be remedies in certain—not all—situations. Maybe there’s an individual with Tom Brady-like star power who can inspire and lead, or perhaps a committed core group could execute a deliberate, longterm reform. The point is whatever it takes will depend on people and the relationships among them.

Listen to the four knowledgeable and experienced Freemasons here.

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