Monday, August 24, 2020

’10 weeks of Philosophy Works for free’

Who says nothing in this life comes for free? The School of Practical Philosophy offers its 10-week introductory Fall semester, via Zoom, free of charge. (It looks like Monday nights are sold out already.) From the publicity:

Your Life, Larger.

Find peace in turmoil, company in isolation, and purpose in everyday life. Make sense of a rapidly changing world with tools to help you live life more consciously and with greater happiness.

Our 10-week introductory course offers time-tested principles that lead to freedom and sustainable happiness. Gain tools for living life more consciously and fully develop the power of attention to realize your potential.

For the Fall term, starting the week of September 14, the fee for Philosophy Works Introductory Course is waived as a gift to the community.

Classes are live and online with Zoom.

Register here.

It is not an academic survey of great philosophical ideas as one might find in a university. Rather it is an introduction to a series of proven principles that enable students to attain self-knowledge and better their lives through reasonable, compassionate living. The proof of Practical Philosophy’s effectiveness is found in personal experience.

The curriculum is inspired by the philosophy of Advaita (“not two”), and embraces a wide range of philosophical ideas, tapping into the wisdom of the great minds of East and West, including Plato, Socrates, the Buddha, Shakespeare, Emerson, and Shri Shantananda Saraswati.

Much of the learning that students experience comes from their fellow students and their own innate wisdom. The tutors, who direct the classes, are ongoing students in the School who have been practicing Practical Philosophy for many years and generously offer their own insights.

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