Thursday, August 29, 2019

‘Esoteric music symposium upstate’


Nazareth College’s School of Music will host this symposium next year. (Hat tip to the lovely and talented Chuck Dunning for sharing this on Faceypage today.)

Esoteric Music, Music Performance,
and Music Research Symposium
February 22-23, 2020
Nazareth College
Rochester, New York

Paper Submission Deadline: November 15, 2019.
Proposals received by October 15 will be given priority consideration.

Call for Papers

This symposium seeks to bring together music scholars, performers, and teachers with a sincere interest in the intersection of music and esoteric ideas and practices. Proposal abstracts should be limited to 500 words and sent in PDF form to Marjorie Roth.

Topics touching upon, but not limited to, the following are welcome:

  • Music and the Pythagorean Tradition (numbers, sacred geometry)
  • Music and Esoteric Experience (spiritual/religious/mystical)
  • Music and Cosmology
  • Music and Contemplation
  • Music and Esoteric Symbol (sound, text, image)
  • Music and Esoteric Traditions (alchemy, astrology, Hermeticism, Freemasonry)
  • Music and Alternative Realities
  • Esotericism and Music Pedagogy
  • Esotericism in Music Performance and/or Composition
  • The Harmony of the Spheres

Contacts: Marjorie Roth, Nazareth College; and Justin Ray Glosson, Texas Tech University.

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