Friday, February 7, 2020

‘¡Viva El Presidente!’

(With apologies to Ben Elton and Woody Allen.)

Courtesy BBC
Brotherens, por favor, when next we meet, I would appreciate being greeted with a smart military salute and a hearty “Viva El Presidente!” because this evening I have been chosen to lead the Masonic Society for the ensuing two-year term.

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As this august group’s seventh president, I decree: the official language of the Masonic Society will be Swedish. In addition to that, all members will be required to change their underwear every half-hour.

But seriously, the Masonic Society enters a rebuilding phase.

  • Board member Greg Knott advances to the Second Vice Presidency, and so Oscar Alleyne becomes First Vice President. Other personnel changes are to come.
  • Our membership stats fluctuate, but if you once were a member we somehow lost, don’t be surprised when you find me on your doorstep with a pizza and a six pack looking to talk about you rejoining. Actually, a survey to current and past members will help us understand what about the Society is appreciated, and what is disappointing. Coming soon.
  • We are talking about ways to enhance membership value in the Masonic Society. When Masons in my travels talk to me about our dues, the consensus is “Forty-five bucks—no problem!” But those of us inside the brain trust want to deliver more for your dollar, so we will find a way forward using media technologies. A discourse community, for sane Masonic conversations, and videos, to bring far away lectures to you, are feasible. We are blessed to have several eminent Masons, who do this sort of thing professionally, guiding us here.
  • Special events? God, I hope so! It seems like another Masonic-con or Esoteric-con springs up somewhere in the United States every couple of weeks. In years past, the Masonic Society hosted a number of unforgettable experiences, and I hope to regain that momentum before impeachment hearings commence!

We are grateful to Mark Tabbert for his after-dinner remarks this evening in which he presented the historical record of George Washington’s actual Masonic life. Not the myths nor the exaggerations, but just the facts concerning what has become a misunderstood chapter in Masonic history. Look for Mark’s upcoming book on this subject due soon from University of Virginia Press.

That’s enough blogging for tonight. I’ll be in Virginia for another day, but taking a break from Masonic Week to catch up with an old friend who relocated to this area recently, meaning “it’s five o’clock somewhere.”

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Christopher Hodapp said...

This is all great news, Jay. Looking forward to the coming developments!