Sunday, January 5, 2020

‘An embarrassment of riches’

It’s true: you can have too much of a good thing. There are four (4) eminent, admirable Masons seeking election to the office of Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New York this spring.

I’m actually glad that as a Past Master I do not have a vote.

RW Bro. Oscar Alleyne, current Junior Grand Warden; RW Bro. Paul Huck, current Judge Advocate (and MEGHP of the Grand Chapter); RW Bro. David Menegon, current Senior Grand Deacon; and RW Bro. Steven Rubin, current Grand Treasurer are the declared candidates.

Holy guacamole!

I’m not one to appreciate a brother Mason because of his Masonic titles, but these four candidates are vastly accomplished. I wouldn’t want to sketch their highlights for fear of missing something important. With Oscar, for example, I don’t know where to begin. In addition to helming half of what goes on in American Freemasonry, someone told me he’s the governor of Minnesota! I will say he is my fellow Vice President of the Masonic Society.

In many grand jurisdictions around the country, a candidate wins election to the Grand South, and then proceeds without contest to the Grand East. The aspirants to the Grand East in New York, however, face competition along the way. Ergo this wild conundrum in 2020. Meanwhile, the Craft profits from having worthy and well qualified leaders. Usually.

There will be six “town hall”-style meetings where the brethren can hear from these candidates and those seeking election to other offices—two this month, three in February, and finally one in March at Masonic Hall in the city. Somehow I suspect these discussions will only make the voters’ choices more difficult.

All is can say is good luck! No matter who prevails, we all win.

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