Sunday, March 25, 2018

‘Islamo-Nazi barbaric subhuman murders Freemason in France’

Courtesy Ministry of the Interior, France
Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, Freemason.

The Gendarme officer slain during the string of terrorist attacks in France on Friday was a Brother Freemason, according to a statement released last night by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of France.

It is with great emotion that the Brothers of the Grand Lodge of France learned today of the death of their Brother, Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, member of the Respectable Lodge Jerome Bonaparte in the Orient of Rueil-Nanterre.

They join forces to pay homage to this “hero-driven” man, who has demonstrated a sense of duty and exemplary sacrifice. This act of bravery and its unfailing patriotism saved lives and reminded us that we must never bow to barbarism. All the thoughts of our Brothers accompany his family in this moment of great sadness.

The Grand Lodge of France continues to greet representatives of the forces of the Order of the Republic who fight all forms of ostracism, xenophobia, and terrorism—in a word, to all forms of rejection of others, our brothers and sisters in humanity.

Philippe Charuel, Grand Master
Grand Lodge of France

Lt. Col. Beltrame, age 44, was the last of four to lose their lives Friday during a terrorist spree that left 16 others injured, two seriously. He placed himself in danger’s way by volunteering to be held hostage in an attack on a Super U supermarket so that a woman could be freed. He died later of gunshot and stab wounds.

“Beltrame was a highly-regarded member of the Gendarmerie Nationale, and was described by France’s president on Saturday as someone who ‘fought until the end and never gave up,’” the BBC reports today. “He graduated in 1999 from France’s leading military academy in Saint Cyr, and, in 2003, became one of just a handful of candidates chosen to join the gendarmerie’s elite security response group GSIGN.” He also had special training in combating terrorist attacks in supermarkets, having taken part in a simulated such attack in December.

The violence began Friday morning when the Islamo-Nazi barbarian carjacked a vehicle, killing one person. He then shot at a group of policemen, wounding one. In his attack on the Super U, the animal murdered one customer and one employee, and then held others hostage. Most of the hostages were freed, except for one woman who was held as a human shield, according to news accounts.

Beltrame offered to take the place of the female hostage. He surreptitiously used his cell phone to allow police to monitor events inside the market. Upon hearing shots fired, police charged into the store, killing the barbarian, and discovering Beltrame gravely wounded.

Beltrame is to receive a national honor for his heroics, according to The Washington Post.

When Islamo-Nazi scum strike in France, they seem to find Freemasons to kill. Three years ago, in the Charlie Hebdo attack, two Masons of the Grand Orient of France were murdered. I think I remember another Mason being killed in a more recent attack there, but I’m still researching that to confirm.

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