Sunday, February 11, 2018

‘A great night for The Masonic Society’

A great annual meeting and banquet this evening in Arlington, Virginia at Masonic Week. Good food, fine fellowship, and an incredible keynote address.

Our outgoing President, Bro. Kenneth W. Davis of New Mexico, could not be with us, but his valedictory thoughts, highlighting the successes of the Society and news of big things to come, were communicated by another Brother in Ken’s stead.

The Masonic Society’s new President: Bro. Patrick Craddock (The Craftsman’s Apron).

First Vice President: The Magpie Mason

Second Vice President: Bro. Oscar Alleyne (The Hardest Working Man in Freemasonry).

Courtesy Greg Knott
Bro. Eric Diamond
Bro. Eric Diamond presented a thought-provoking keynote address that prompted many questions, comments, and requests for copies. Eric spoke of the need for today’s Freemason to assert himself in the public square to help society sidestep the perils of what is known as the “Dark Enlightenment,” not unlike how our Masonic ancestors brought the Enlightenment to English, French, and American life centuries ago.

And seven Fellows of The Masonic Society have been named:

Oscar Alleyne
Tyler Anderson
Christian Christensen
Patrick Craddock
Moises Gomez
Cameron Poe
Christopher Rodkey

Issue No. 40 of The Journal of the Masonic Society is in production, and will reach our members in March. If you want to read it, join now.

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