Sunday, April 23, 2017

‘Parallel Universes and Eternal Life’

Maryland Masonic Research Society will meet in a few weeks for another luncheon-lecture that makes me wish I didn’t live so far away. From the publicity:

Parallel Universes
and Eternal Life
Presented by John Maclay
Saturday, May 6 at noon
410 University Blvd., West
Silver Spring, Maryland

One of the 25 Landmarks of Masonry says “every Mason must believe in a resurrection to a future life.” Scientists are now convinced that there are parallel universes. Is it possible that a future or eternal life exists there? And how might a transition to it occur?

John Maclay is a Past President of Maryland Masonic Research Society, a Past Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Maryland, a Past Master of two lodges, a Past Grand Inspector, and a past presiding officer of five other Masonic bodies.

Lunch at noon. Meeting and presentation at 1 p.m. $20 per person, payable at the door. Please RSVP to the Secretary by Wednesday, May 3. We look forward to having you attend.


Chris said...

It's interesting that in UGLE Masonry, there is no mention of a requirement to believe in a resurrection to eternal life as a Landmark. In the Address to the Brethren at the end of an Installation, the Installing Master (me this year) says, "The Brother who has...discharged his duties as a Freemason may patiently await the arrival of his dying throb, that awful change which we must all experience, when the soul takes wing through that boundless and unexplored expanse: and may TGAOTU then say, 'It is well finished' and admit us to the Grand Lodge above where the divisions of time shall cease and a glorious eternity burst open to our view."

This being said, when interviewing a prospective candidate for initiation, we only ask, "Do you believe in a Supreme Being."

Dion said...

Whose Landmarks? It isn't one of Mackey's 25. I know of no Landmark requiring a belief in resurrection "to a future life."

Supreme Being? Yes.

Best I can determine, the glorious hereafter is a matter of Hope.