Saturday, April 15, 2017

‘Making the good Isle of Man post better’


Philatelist Freemasons have something more to look forward to this spring. Isle of Man Post Office will release six postage stamps commemorating the tercentenary of the establishment of the Grand Lodge of England. And there are secrets! From the publicity:

300 Years of Freemasonry Set

This set of six 300 Years of Freemasonry stamps (20p, 1st, 50p, £1.30, 1.74, £3.40), have been printed with gold foil highlighting HM Queen’s head and the words ‘Isle’ and ‘Man’. Each stamp features a badge of office for senior officers within the lodge. There are additional discreet references to six important locations at the top of the stamps and other hidden mysteries, including some visible only under UV light.

The sheet sets contains six sheets, made up of ten of each design.


Both the sets and sheet sets are available in Mint condition and cancelled to order.

International purchases are welcome. Click here to buy yours. (Images courtesy Isle of Man Post Office.)

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