Thursday, December 29, 2016

‘Only 44 days, and counting’

GCR membership jewel.
With only 44 shopping days remaining before the annual meeting of the Grand College of Rites of the United States of America, here is a reminder for you to bring two worthy Freemasons into the group, while treating yourself to a new membership jewel to wear with pride for years to come. Go on, wear it to lodge* and get the old hens clucking.

I am prompted here by my receipt of the annual dues notice, which contains some news of the College. “We are going to print,” writes Grand Registrar Gerald Klein, referring to the book for 2016: William H. Peckham’s Cerneau Scottish Rite, Part 2, 10º-13º, which should hit the mail “within the next few weeks.” (Click here for some information on Part 1 of this series.)

Also, the GCR has reprinted several classic volumes of Collectanea: The Hermetic Rite, from 1957; Le Coeur Enflamme (The Fiery Heart), from 1961; The Royal Oriental Order of Sat B’Hai, from 1972; and Fratres Lucis, from 1978. These books are available to members in limited supply.

In addition to the nominal dues, the College asks one simple thing of each of us members: to bring in two additional members. Obtain a petition for membership here, and entreat those brethren you know who “get it” to join this cherished and singular Masonic fraternity that conserves fascinating rituals of orders and rites from years gone by. I’ve been plugging membership in the Grand College of Rites on social media for something like 15 years by now, going back to the early days of Yahoo! Groups. I don’t know if anyone ever listened, but you should.

* The Magpie Mason advises consulting your grand jurisdiction’s constitution and laws concerning the wearing of regalia in lodge. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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