Friday, December 23, 2016

‘2016 Rose+Croix Journal is out’

Of the various periodicals disseminated by the Rosicrucian Order, that with the most substantial and wide-reaching content is the annually published Rose+Croix Journal, the 2016 issue of which is now out. From the publicity:

The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, 1616.
Copyright © 2016 Adam McLean.

The Rose+Croix Journal editorial board and staff are pleased to announce the publication of our 2016 issue, now available.

Featuring humanities, liberal arts, and scientific papers on topics of interest to Rosicrucians, the Journal continues the spirit of free philosophic inquiry that characterized the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, prominent figures in which included Rosicrucians. Now entering its fourteenth year, the Journal has established itself as a source of philosophic and esoteric literature and has recently been added to the Library of Congress database.

This volume’s papers include:

  • “The Roots of a Science of Consciousness in Hermetic Alchemy” by Dennis William Hauck
  • “The Use of Virtual Reality as a Meditative Neurotechnology (A Pilot Study)” by Ranjie Singh, Paula Rayo, and K. Nirvana Singh
  • “The Perfect Fifth: The Science and Alchemy of Sound” by John Beaulieu
  • “The Pattern that Connects” by Eleanor D. MacGregor

Our “currents” section contribution, “The Scientific Method and Psi Research,” co-authored by seven fratres and sorores (Pat Downes, Shelley Higgins, Frank Hutchinson, Allen Jackson, Sara Petty, Othel Rolle, and Ranjie Singh), invites readers to share their thoughts on the “scientific method after next” and the research protocols that it will demand. Comments will be forwarded to the emerging standards/research team, and academic level commentary will be posted on the Rose+Croix Journal website at the mutual discretion of the commentator and the Grand Lodge. Future editions of the Journal may offer a commentary link for all papers.

Journals such as ours are possible only because of the labors of our authors and our all-volunteer editors (47) and staff. They don’t “just happen.”

Special thanks to our “back office” volunteer staff: the copyedit team (Kristin Pfanku, Helen Heightsman Gordon, and Shelley Higgins) and title/abstract translation team (Alexis Bulgari, Aicy Karbstein, Anne-Marie Kritzler, Patricia Mel-Gach, Feliciano Orozco Olague, and Wendy Keslick) who serve in a vital, but often invisible, capacity.

We believe that this issue and our archival issues will enrich your Rosicrucian experience substantially.

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