Friday, October 14, 2016

‘Current events in the Keystone Craft’

Courtesy Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

Sorry to say I will not be able to attend the Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge’s Fall Session tomorrow in Elizabethtown, but there is some other news from the Keystone State to share.

Actually, first of all, the PAMK session will be streamed live. Click here at about 9:15 a.m. The first speaker should take to the lectern at 9:30.

Speaking of Elizabethtown, this just in: On Saturday, November 12, Mark Tabbert will be the guest speaker at the annual banquet of Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682, discussing the Masonic career of George Washington. The lodge meets at E-Town, but this affair will be hosted at the Spring Garden Conference Center in Middletown.

Only $25 per person, and you can look forward to a great meal served family style. Book your seats by e-mailing the lodge secretary here or by visiting the lodge website and paying with PayPal.

There is a somewhat new blog by and for Pennsylvania Freemasons that I learned about only this week. Masonic Rezon (if you recognize that second word, you probably know it alludes to the Grand Lodge’s book of constitutions) was launched at the end of last year, and offers this mission statement:

Welcome to the Masonic Rezon. A blog spot for the Right way to do Freemasonry. We are Pennsylvania Freemasons. We do things a little bit differently, but the big picture is still the same. This blog is solely for the purpose of expressing our feelings of what Freemasonry is about, and how we, as a fraternity, strive to make those around us better. We will be keeping our commentary open to the public and upright in discourse. We expect that those commenting do the same. I hope you enjoy what follows.

Masonic Rezon is not an academic forum, esoterica teaser, or avenue for finding one’s way into Freemasonry’s too numerous appendages. It consists of heartfelt, short writings by Craft lodge brethren who share their thoughts on real life Masonic meanings. Sometimes, when you’ve gained more experience in Freemasonry than you ever really wanted, it is healthy to reflect on intuitions and interpretations on the point of it all—such as those published here by these Masons.

Check it out here.

And finally, it was announced recently that all back issues of The Pennsylvania Freemason magazine, dating back 62 years, have been uploaded to the Grand Lodge’s website for you to enjoy. Click here.

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