Saturday, May 28, 2016

‘Hermetic Rite, Fratres Lucis, Fiery Heart, and more’

I hate to sound like a broken record, but if you’re a thinking Mason but not yet a member of the Grand College of Rites, then you leave me skippin’ and jumpin’ like a needle on the hi-fi. The primary benefit of membership—well, maybe it’s second after improved posture and clear skin—is receipt of the annual volume of Collectanea, which transports you to another world through the portal of a retired, unknown work of Masonic (or other) ritual. The initiatory thinking of generations past springs to life for your profit, giving you a seat on the sidelines to learn not just the unique lessons of a particular rite or order, but also to enjoy the often beautifully crafted language of the rituals.

But if you’re a regular Magpie reader, you know that already. I’m writing today simply to forward the message sent this afternoon by our Grand Registrar, R.I. Gerald Klein, who announces the new availability of four Collectanea reprints. Here’s what he says:

We are very proud to announce that four volumes of Collectanea have been reprinted for our members.

Courtesy Grand College of Rites
1972 - The Royal Oriental Order of Sat BHai

1º Mute
2º Auditor
3º Scribe
4º Herald
5º Minister
6º Courier
Ceremony of Installing an Arch Censor

1961 - Le Coeur Enflamme

Le Coeur Enflame (The Fiery Heart)

Courtesy Grand College of Rites 
1978 - Fratres Lucis

1º Knight Novice of the Third Year
2º Knight Novice of the Fifth Year
3º Knight Novice of the Seventh Year
4º Knight Levite
5º Knight Priest

1957 - The Hermetic Rite 

3º Knight of the Black Eagle, or Rose Croix
4º Chevalier of the Sun—Prince Adept, the Key to Masonry
Courtesy Grand College of Rites
5º Knight of the Phoenix
6º Sublime Philosopher—Chevalier Rose-Croix
7º Chevalier of the Rainbow
8º True Mason
9º Chevalier of the Argonauts
10º Chevalier of the Golden Fleece

These are being made available to our dues-paying members for the first time in many years. Supplies are limited. Please take advantage of this opportunity. Use the order form you recently received with your 2015 volume. If you do not have an order form, please e-mail the Grand Register here.

Gerald Klein, KGC
Grand Registrar

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