Friday, September 25, 2015

‘Garibaldi Lodge EA° in November’

Magpie file photo

World famous Garibaldi Lodge No. 542 will confer its totally unique and renowned Entered Apprentice Degree—French Rite ritual spoken in Italian—Friday, November 6 inside the Grand Lodge Room of Masonic Hall in New York City (71 West 23rd Street).

This time seating is by advance reservation only. Contact Secretary Bob Mascialino here or Treasurer Steve Marrone here no later than October 30, and give the number of brethren in your party. Bring your identification and regalia, and be prepared to work your way into a tiled lodge of Freemasons. Arrive before 6:45 p.m. The degree will begin at around eight o’clock, and should conclude by 10:30.

I imagine the degree always is a transformational experience for the Apprentices, but it also is an unforgettable experience for those of us on the sidelines. The ritual is a very highly expressive initiation rite with abundant alchemical symbols and deep lessons. You’ve heard about it; you know you want to see it; go already.

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