Saturday, September 19, 2015

‘Freemasonry and the Roman Church’


Celebrating its 190th year in 2015, Mariners Lodge No. 67 in the First Manhattan District offers an attractive calendar of activities under the leadership of Worshipful Master Francisco Nuñez-Fondeur. For instance, the lodge’s October 14 Stated Communication will feature a lecture by RW Pierre de Ravel d’Esclapon, a Fellow of The American Lodge of Research, on “The Intersection of Freemasonry and the Roman Church.”

Magpie file photo
Pierre de Ravel d’Esclapon
RW Pierre de Ravel d’Esclapon is renowned for his deep research into his subjects. It was he who found the evidence of Pierre Charles LEnfants Masonic membership several years ago while researching early French lodges in New York City.

The lodge meeting and lecture will be followed by the famous Maritime Festive Board. Not tiled, the dinner is open to friends of Masons, but seating is limited so make your paid reservations in advance by clicking here.

It’s a great lodge and it’s always a wonderful time being there. I don’t visit nearly often enough, but I’ll be there October 14.

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